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16/06/2021 @ 17:58
After the Kestrel trauma, time to switch attention to another love of my life, the Little Owl

Fewer active sites this year which is disappointing, but photographically, I can only be in one place at once…

Enjoy your evenings…

#LittleOwl #WideAngleWildlife @CanonUKandIE #Owl
AustinTphoto photo
13/06/2021 @ 19:40
@Lucy_Lapwing Agreed. Love them. Sadly my newborns lost their parents this week, so surrogate parents are needed… AustinTphoto photo
13/06/2021 @ 19:35
@MaccaD07 @ScouseSteve Thanks and happy days. I can sleep well now. It has been a stressful few days…
13/06/2021 @ 18:52
@Fantaghiro59 I fed them in the nest as soon as I realised what had happened. After advice, they were removed from the nest and hand fed. They will go into another Kestrel nest tomorrow, with surrogate parents and back in the wild. AustinTphoto photo
13/06/2021 @ 18:23
Nature can be *kin cruel
After 2 months of daily visits the last remaining adult,went AWOL Must be dead, she wouldn’t leave 3 chicks in a nest. The male disappeared a month ago, so she’s had a difficult time rearing 3 on her own

Beyond gutted

Be happy with angels Lady #Kestrel
AustinTphoto photo
02/06/2021 @ 17:13
One from the outdoor office this week.

A young hare or leveret.

This one is getting a little over confident now, venturing away from its safety zone and nicely into my camera zone ==>> CLICK

Enjoy your evenings…

@CanonUKandIE @HPT_Official #Hare #Leveret
AustinTphoto photo
01/06/2021 @ 16:45
A ‘rare’ behind the scenes image for you…

My office, until the suns goes below the horizon.

Enjoy your evenings…

@CanonUKandIE #R5 and 1DX MK3
AustinTphoto photo
01/06/2021 @ 15:22
Next up in my #SmallBirdsInFlight project is the Blue Tit.

Same method as the Robin image posted recently.

Another two eyes on view = Happy camera man.

Enjoy your evenings…

@CanonUKandIE @WildlifeMag @BBCEarth @Natures_Voice #BlueTit
AustinTphoto photo
30/05/2021 @ 17:41
It was a garden birds session this weekend.

The sun was bright so lots of underexposure to render the background black + flash to make the subject ‘pop’.

I am always pleased when I can see both eyes in the frame.

Enjoy your evenings
@CanonUKandIE #SmallBirdsInFlight #Robin
AustinTphoto photo
23/05/2021 @ 17:44
Happy #WorldTurtleDay everyone.

What I would give to be back in the blue with these beautiful creatures right now.

Enjoy your evenings…

#WorldTurtleDay2021 @CanonUKandIE @BBCEarth @WildlifeMag
AustinTphoto photo
22/05/2021 @ 16:14
@katemacrae @PeteWalkden1973 @OW_Photography @DenisStr @StowAero I have Gigabytes of those. You only need one good one from a session… Enoy.
13/05/2021 @ 3:13
@p4pictures @missatomicmell @lightroomblog @TheBigCatPeople @JoeMcNallyPhoto Too kind Brian and have fun in your journey Mellisa. Shout up if you need any guidance. Cheers
11/05/2021 @ 18:38
Does anyone else think Windscreen Wipers?

With todays mix of heavy showers followed by bright sunshine and then spending time with this Little Owl, I do !

Enjoy your evenings… @CanonUKandIE #Owl
AustinTphoto photo
11/05/2021 @ 18:07
@ALANMYERSMEDIA 4 new Robins arrived in my garden this week. The only red colour I accept in the house and garden… AustinTphoto photo