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28/09/2020 @ 18:11

Nalangu, one of Mara Norths most beautiful Leopards has two new born cubs.

Dear Government, please add Kenya to your “safe to travel” list. My bags are packed ready.

Enjoy your evening... @CanonUKandIE @KichecheCamps @paulgoldstein59
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22/09/2020 @ 18:06
That moment when you find your comfortable corner in the world, close your eyes and rest peacefully... AustinTphoto photo
18/09/2020 @ 18:49
@alex_mustard SNAP! I thought I recognised that picture. I got a postcard of your image inside the box of one of my recent underwater purchases! It is fair to say that the print quality doesn’t match the original... AustinTphoto photo
18/09/2020 @ 17:54
What a week that was. At times, my feet literally never touched the ground...

Thankfully, the weekend is ahead, so have a good one everyone, and stay safe.

Enjoy your evenings...
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14/09/2020 @ 18:01
A Grey #Seal taken today in the Farne Islands. The conditions were definitely against me this weekend. Cancelled sailings due to high winds, a strobe failure and today a distinct lack of seals! That said it was great fun and lovely to catch up with @alex_mustard and @Sealdiver AustinTphoto photo
13/09/2020 @ 8:52
@Sealdiver @scubaclogger @farnesdiving @mickycraig999 @DiveManchester Brilliant. I have managed to book an extra slot tomorrow. So fingers crossed.
12/09/2020 @ 17:47
@Sealdiver @farnesdiving Thanks Ben, I already have feelers out for an October visit, so there is a very high chance I will be back in October. I have today extended my stay this weekend to include Monday, so I go again. Thanks again for your guidance and knowledge. Cheers
12/09/2020 @ 14:34
OK,so the laugh is on me...

I clearly have no ability to sense when a #Seal is biting my fins, when I am diving specifically to photograph #Seals

Time to find another hobby Austin...

@Sealdiver You did tell me to keep checking behind myself! Rookie error... Live and learn...
12/09/2020 @ 14:07
It was great to bump into @Sealdiver today whilst diving at the Farne Islands. Thanks so much for your help and guidance Ben. Very much appreciated. Following your advise my last dive was far more successful. Cheers buddy.
10/09/2020 @ 18:35
@eddie_keogh @CanonEMEApro @CanonUKandIE Some of us are on our second R5 Eddie! Enjoy the new Premier League fella. Catch you soon. Cheers
08/09/2020 @ 19:36
@PandoraPerx @KichecheCamps @CanonUKandIE I hope you get there one day. It is a special place in the world.
08/09/2020 @ 17:47
I need to get back to #Africa. I need to stay at @KichecheCamps

That is all..

PS. Enjoy your evenings. @CanonUKandIE
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03/09/2020 @ 19:24
@Sealdiver @farnesdiving @mickycraig999 @FreeScubaUK @NScubaDivers Lovely. Hoping to be underwater with your Farnes Seals next weekend! I can not wait...
30/08/2020 @ 18:13
@LillyLyle @tartanroots Drive South now and there is a fair chance you will cross the border before the midnight... Come and join us!
30/08/2020 @ 17:55
The fast pace and focus continues this weekend with a national holiday tomorrow here in the UK.

No Monday morning blues...

Enjoy your week ahead.

#Owl #Wildlife #Nature
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