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01/04/2020 @ 16:40
Back garden wildlife it is then...

When I am giving talks I always encourage photographers to embrace the conditions presented to them by nature, rather than fight them. A “use what you have to your advantage” mentality.

So it is time to practise what I preach...
AustinTphoto photo
31/03/2020 @ 17:42
Don't forget social distancing everyone (unless you are family of course)

Stick together, be strong, call for help and stay safe everyone... @CanonUKandIE @BBCEarth
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30/03/2020 @ 18:04
Take care of your loved ones everyone.

However you show your affection...

Stay Safe. @CanonUKandIE @BBCEarth
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29/03/2020 @ 17:38
Thinking of happy times in the past and even happier times in the future (when I am allowed to come up for air....)

Take care everyone. Stay safe. @CanonUKandIE @BBCEarth #UW
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26/03/2020 @ 17:48
Stay focussed. Concentrate your energy on doing the right thing for your family, friends, neighbours and humanity.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy your evenings... @CanonUKandIE @BBCEarth @BBCSpringwatch #Kestrel
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25/03/2020 @ 18:38
Sticking with the positive upbeat theme of my recent posts, here is a #Puffin carrying food to feed its family.

Stay safe and healthy everyone... @CanonUKandIE @BBCEarth @BBCSpringwatch
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24/03/2020 @ 18:44
Just trying to raise everyones spirits during this incredibly difficult time in our lives.

Take care and stay safe everyone. @CanonUKandIE @BBCEarth
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21/03/2020 @ 5:23
@AdabelDickson Same to you Adie. Take care and enjoy your weekend.
21/03/2020 @ 5:22
@SimonWPhotos @BBCEarth @CanonUKandIE Thanks Simon. So far so good. Hope you and the family are all OK. Take care fella.
18/03/2020 @ 17:32
Keeping with the good news theme, at precisely 4 minutes and 9 seconds past 8pm last night the #Hedgehog returned to my garden

He or she was a regular visitor last year and this is the first recorded visit in 2020.

Keep safe and well everyone #Hedgehog @BBCEarth @CanonUKandIE
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17/03/2020 @ 19:07
And on my screen tonight is...

This evening, I am working on some unprocessed images from my last trip to Kenya at the end of 2019. Happy days with some wonderful clients that I now call friends.

To be repeated in 2020, Corvid-19 permitting...

Enjoy your evenings...
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08/03/2020 @ 19:03
Stepping out of the weekend and into the new week.

Enjoy the week ahead... @CanonUKandIE @BBCEarth @BBCSpringwatch
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22/02/2020 @ 17:53
@BettyShmem Is there not a risk that we will be “forced” to apply fo a new passport even if your current one is still valid? It wouldn’t surprise me. A nice revenue earner as well...
22/02/2020 @ 4:56
@atomicallyblond @thefishareloose PS. The passports are made by a `French/ Dutch company and manufactured in Poland using EU procurement rules... #Justsaying
21/02/2020 @ 15:09
Great to see one of my Lirttle Owl images on page 4 of The Times today.

Always good to see my work in print.

Enjoy your evenings... @thetimes @CanonUKandIE @Natures_Voice
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