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11/08/2020 @ 18:50
A #Kingfisher in flight anyone?

As British birds go this species has to be right up there in the “most striking” category, or is it just me that thinks that way?

Enjoy your evenings everyone... @CanonUKandIE @BBCEarth @BBCSpringwatch @_BTO
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09/08/2020 @ 17:37
Well that weekend flew right past me.

How can it be Sunday evening already?

I need a holiday.

Enjoy your evenings...
@CanonUKandIE #Owl @Natures_Voice @_BTO
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04/08/2020 @ 17:38
I’m missing #Africa massively, so tonight I went back to the images from my last trip to my favourite continent.

Taken in #Kenya in Dec 2019 with a great bunch of photographers that are my friends.

To be repeated as soon as it is safe to do so.

Take care everyone... #Cheetah
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28/07/2020 @ 18:11
Sticking with the bird theme again this evening. Here is one taken during “lockdown” on my local patch, whilst testing the AutoFocus capability of the @CanonUKandIE 1DX MK3 #DSLR

Enjoy your evenings... #Owl
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26/07/2020 @ 18:33
Tonight’s post is just to remind myself that underwater photography is not my only love.
Floating at the bottom of a water filled quarry is great fun, however lying under a hedge with my head pressed into the grass is just as satisfying.

A male #Kestrel and enjoy your evening...
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26/07/2020 @ 6:57
@SimonWPhotos Thanks Simon. It is a whole new world down there. I must up my video skills and do some short clips to set the scene/ environment. Enjoy your Sunday. Cheers
25/07/2020 @ 18:45
A #Trout anyone?

Great to be back diving and taking photographs whilst breathing my own private air source...

Hope you are having a great weekend.

Enjoy your evenings...
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15/07/2020 @ 18:13
It seems like I missed #SharkAwarenessDay yesterday...

So in an attempt to correct my bad, I give you an Oceanic White Tip #Shark

Plans are in place to be back in the blue with these incredible animals later in the year ( Covid permitting...)

Enjoy your evening...
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13/07/2020 @ 15:21
@katemacrae Thanks Kate. It has exceeded my expectations.Hope you are well. Cheers
13/07/2020 @ 14:44
My metal print has arrived and its found a home.

This print is around 1.8 metres by 0.8 m in size and the quality and depth of colours has exceeded my expectations.

Looking at it in situ, you would think it was made to measure.

Enjoy your evenings... #owl #print #outdoor
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12/07/2020 @ 18:11
This weekend has been all about fresh water fish and underwater cameras. The highlight was diving and photographing these #Sturgeon

#UW #Scuba

Enjoy your evenings everyone.
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08/07/2020 @ 15:33
A bit of rain and drizzle doesn’t prevent me, or the Little #Owl, from venturing out...

Enjoy your evenings everyone.
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01/07/2020 @ 18:21
Tonight was spent planning my next diving adventure. Having had trips to Barbados and the Maldives cancelled in 2020 I am hoping a trip at the end of 2020 will be 3rd time lucky.

So with all of that planning, I found a ‘plan’ view of a Green #Turtle

Enjoy your evenings... #UW
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29/06/2020 @ 17:34
My test print using metal arrived today.

I posted a screen shot of this artwork a few days. Happy to say the print has exceeded my expectations. It is a touch darker than on the screen.
So I’ve just ordered a 1.75metre long waterproof print that will find a home outdoors...
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28/06/2020 @ 17:38
It was great be back in the water today.

Ironically, I should have been in the Maldives this month. (Damn Covid) Todays refresher dives only increased my desire to experince things like this, taken in Egypt last October

Enjoy your evenings... #SCUBA #UW #SHARK
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27/06/2020 @ 9:09
YAY! My dive computer is back on charge.

It will be going underwater tomorrow with me attached to it. It has been too long.

Enjoy your weekends... #SCUBA #UW
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