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11/04/2021 @ 3:56
@katemacrae @CanonUKandIE Thanks Kate. Hope life is treating you well. See you soon. X
10/04/2021 @ 16:17
I have to say the light is off the scale at the moment on my patch.

I give you the Lady of the Land flying over daffodils, superbly focussed on by the wizardry that is the @CanonUKandIE #R5

Enjoy your evenings... #Kestrel #Daffodil
AustinTphoto photo
09/04/2021 @ 18:44
The last rays of sunshine allowed me to get a bit creative with the light at my #Kestrel site this evening.

Here is the male in a pocket of sunlight with some daffodils in the background.

Enjoy your evenings... @CanonUKandIE #R5
AustinTphoto photo
07/04/2021 @ 16:53
My Lady of the Land has selected her Lord of the Manor.

I give you Mrs and Mr #Kestrel

My lockdown easing project for the coming weeks, hopefully...

Enjoy your evenings...
AustinTphoto photo
04/04/2021 @ 17:25
Happy Easter everyone.

I hope you and a wonderful day.

The Easter ‘bunny’ was initially shy and then rather rude.

Oh well. We all have good and bad moments.

Enjoy your evenings...

#Hare #EasterBunny
AustinTphoto photo
31/03/2021 @ 4:15
@PandoraPerx I did. My toes and fingers were still cold. One of the problems of photographing underwater is I don’t move very much. Floating around as still as possible, so I am not warming myself with exercise... Enjoy the sunshine...
30/03/2021 @ 18:19
This image sums up my day.

Shooting Trout.

Great to be back underwater with my camera. Same again tomorrow.

Enjoy your evenings... #UW #Scuba
AustinTphoto photo
07/03/2021 @ 17:44
98% DNA match according to the scientists.

Please say hello to my Great Great Great Great Uncle Bob #MountainGorilla

Enjoy your evenings...
AustinTphoto photo
05/03/2021 @ 18:42
It’s a strange time of the year for my local Kestrels

I go out every day to check on them. One week I see them as regular as clockwork. Same post, Same Barn, Same telegraph pole etc Other weeks, absolutely no sign of them anywhere

Go figure...

Enjoy your evenings...

AustinTphoto photo
28/02/2021 @ 18:17
That bond between a mother and her baby.

No eyes required.

Enjoy your evening...

@CanonUKandIE @BBCEarth @WildlifeMag
AustinTphoto photo
21/02/2021 @ 18:44
Well tomorrow is the big day. Boris will share a roadmap out of Lockdown.

I wonder which image will reflect my mood after the news briefing tomorrow night? Feel free to vote!

Enjoy your evenings everyone and stay safe, whatever gets announced...
AustinTphoto photo
18/02/2021 @ 18:52
Hands up all of you who are waiting for a call or text or email inviting you for your first Covid-19 vaccination...

Stay safe everyone and it goes without saying. Enjoy your evenings...
AustinTphoto photo
14/02/2021 @ 17:49
Happy Valentine’s Day one and all.

I hope you had a lovely day.

Enjoy your evening...
AustinTphoto photo
09/02/2021 @ 17:57
I would like to say that I took this image at twenty to two today.

However, if truth be told, I didn’t...

Enjoy your evenings... @CanonUKandIE @WildlifeMag @BBCEarth @BBCSpringwatch #OWL #SEO
AustinTphoto photo
08/02/2021 @ 18:09
Lovely to see a Barn #Owl this evening

It’s been too wet in 2021 in my corner of the world for these beautiful birds to be on the wing. Thankfully the current cold snap has halted the rain, so the Owls are on patch

Eyes wide open everyone and enjoy your evenings.

AustinTphoto photo
02/02/2021 @ 17:29
This is what I think about the news that Captain Sir Tom Moore has been taken by Covid-19.

RIP you legend.

What a legacy you left the world you brave and courageous man.

@captaintommoore #CaptainTomMoore
AustinTphoto photo