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29/11/2020 @ 17:57
Striped #Kingfisher anyone?

I hope your weekend was a good one.

Enjoy your evenings...

@KichecheCamps @CanonUKandIE
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24/11/2020 @ 18:38
@Sealdiver @SubCDivers @BSACDivegod @BSAC_NorthEast @BarnsleyDivers @BSAC18 @Halifax_BSAC @HGSAC_BSAC @NScubaDivers @info_scuba @LowestoftScuba @CUUEG @scubaleeds @DiveManchester @DiveMagazine @The_Dive_Site @UnderwaterTribe @BristolDiving Thanks for the advanced notice Ben. I am sure I will find an opportunity to get back into the sea soon with these wonderful creatures. Stay safe buddy and thanks for everything you are doing on the healthcare side of your life. We all appreciate that...
22/11/2020 @ 17:35
This is what 2021 will look like...

Fresh air over land (no masks required).
Warm clean blue seas full of wildlife, doing what wildlife does.

Roll on 2021 I say.

Enjoy your evenings. @CanonUKandIE @BBCEarth #turtle #Barbados
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20/11/2020 @ 19:16
I would love to say that I took this picture at twenty to two, but if truth be known, it wasn’t.

Enjoy your evenings.

#SEO #Owl @CanonUKandIE
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19/11/2020 @ 19:41
Cheetah cubs cuddling up in the grasses anyone?

Covid willing I will be back in #Kenya soon. @KichecheCamps is my room ready? Cashews and Tasker Malt in plentiful supply?

Enjoy your evenings everyone.

@CanonUKandIE #Cheetah #Cub
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18/11/2020 @ 18:03
Oh to be back in #Rwanda photographing Mountain #Gorillas

Good friends @governorscamps at Sabyinyo Lodge have taken great care of me the last 2 years in their luxury accommodation

Will someone magically make me wake up in that lodge tomorrow morning please?

Enjoy your evening
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17/11/2020 @ 18:59
And on my screen tonight is...

This is the remote camera view that I was setting up at the time when I ‘clicked’ the image I shared last night.

Nature photography is fun.

Enjoy your evenings... @CanonUKandIE #owl
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16/11/2020 @ 20:02
@lauraborse Je suis d'accord. Ce sont de grands personnages.
16/11/2020 @ 19:36
And on my screen tonight is...

Odd things happen from time to time, whilst photographing nature...

Enjoy your evenings...

@CanonUKandIE #owl
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15/11/2020 @ 18:59
It is fair to say that I have been fighting against the elements today, whilst trying to keep active.

Roll on Monday, ( Goes off to listen to I don’t like Mondays...)

Enjoy your evenings...

@CanonUKandIE #Wet #Owl
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14/11/2020 @ 19:03
Keep your eye on the prize everyone...

Stay safe and healthy.

( and enjoy your evenings...)

#KESTREL @CanonUKandIE @_BTO @Natures_Voice @BBCEarth
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10/11/2020 @ 18:27
@BettyShmem @AlpineCarsUK Only, Once, You, Live ( or something similar...)
09/11/2020 @ 19:08
After months of “no show, presumed dead”, my “Lady of the Land” turned up this weekend... I’d love to know where she has been as it’s not her typical breeding season.

Anyway, delighted to see her fit & well and apparently wearing winter leggings...

@CanonUKandIE @BBCEarth
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08/11/2020 @ 17:55
2021 is going to be the year of travel.

I’d love to be in #Barbados #underwater with #Turtles again. That is not an option currently, so I had a look at last years images to remind me of what 2021 will look like.

Keep your spirits up everyone, stay safe. @CanonUKandIE @BBCEarth
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04/11/2020 @ 18:44
Right now, I should be packing my underwater camera gear for a trip to Egypt.
Alas, it is yet another trip that has to be cancelled...

To compensate, here is a Regal Angelfish from my last trip to Egypt.

Stay safe everyone. Things will get back to normal soon.
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