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22/02/2020 @ 17:53
@BettyShmem Is there not a risk that we will be “forced” to apply fo a new passport even if your current one is still valid? It wouldn’t surprise me. A nice revenue earner as well...
22/02/2020 @ 4:56
@atomicallyblond @thefishareloose PS. The passports are made by a `French/ Dutch company and manufactured in Poland using EU procurement rules... #Justsaying
21/02/2020 @ 15:09
Great to see one of my Lirttle Owl images on page 4 of The Times today.

Always good to see my work in print.

Enjoy your evenings... @thetimes @CanonUKandIE @Natures_Voice
AustinTphoto photo
16/02/2020 @ 19:26
That was a strange one. The weekend started with Valentines Day and ended with a celebrity suicide.

Share the love everyone...
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03/02/2020 @ 18:02
Thankfully, I have got the spring back in my step today.

I hope your week has also got off to a good start.

Enjoy your evening... @CanonUKandIE @BBCSpringwatch @BBCEarth #owl
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02/02/2020 @ 18:25
This image sums up my weekend.

Wet, knackered, aching and barely able to move my legs.

Who said it was a good idea to get my mountain bike out?

Enjoy your evening...
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31/01/2020 @ 18:25
This sums up my underlying feeling as we approach the 23:00 #EU exit deadline.

That is all...

PS. Don’t forget to wind your clocks back 47 years before you go to bed tonight...
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31/01/2020 @ 14:59
@ALANMYERSMEDIA @Everton This is worse news than leaving the EU today @ALANMYERSMEDIA Have a People’s club vote and rethink this one... All the best fella if you do have a break.
24/01/2020 @ 20:11
@BettyShmem I would say “Dinner is poured” Enjoy!
22/01/2020 @ 18:24
A Great Crested Grebe anyone? (Oh, with a chick...)

It won’t be long before my local Grebes are back pairing up for the breeding season.

Keep your eyes open and of course, enjoy your evening... @BBCSpringwatch @CanonUKandIE @EIZOUK @BBCEarth @_BTO
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20/01/2020 @ 19:14
A young Mountain Gorilla anyone?

Strangely satisfying to realise that these amazing creatures that share 98% of our DNA also struggle to get their children to brush their teeth on a regular basis...

Another from my recent trip to Sabyinyo @governorscamps

Enjoy your evening...
AustinTphoto photo
19/01/2020 @ 18:29
Baby Elephant anyone?

It was incredible to witness the level of protection that this little one received from its family. They effortlessly protected him when he appeared vulnerable but were happy for him to show his personality when it was safe.

Enjoy your evenings... #Safari
AustinTphoto photo
12/01/2020 @ 17:20
This bird is a Steppe Eagle...

No, honestly, it is. You can’t make this stuff up...

Enjoy your evenings.

#bird #eagle #step #walking
AustinTphoto photo
07/01/2020 @ 19:11
@AdabelDickson @CanonUKandIE @governorscamps I like you and your thought process Adie! I would need two though because I have two MK 2s and Camera bodies are a bit like socks. It doesn’t feel right if you have odd ones... Any discount @CanonUKandIE for two?