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08/07/2020 @ 15:33
A bit of rain and drizzle doesn’t prevent me, or the Little #Owl, from venturing out...

Enjoy your evenings everyone.
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01/07/2020 @ 18:21
Tonight was spent planning my next diving adventure. Having had trips to Barbados and the Maldives cancelled in 2020 I am hoping a trip at the end of 2020 will be 3rd time lucky.

So with all of that planning, I found a ‘plan’ view of a Green #Turtle

Enjoy your evenings... #UW
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29/06/2020 @ 17:34
My test print using metal arrived today.

I posted a screen shot of this artwork a few days. Happy to say the print has exceeded my expectations. It is a touch darker than on the screen.
So I’ve just ordered a 1.75metre long waterproof print that will find a home outdoors...
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28/06/2020 @ 17:38
It was great be back in the water today.

Ironically, I should have been in the Maldives this month. (Damn Covid) Todays refresher dives only increased my desire to experince things like this, taken in Egypt last October

Enjoy your evenings... #SCUBA #UW #SHARK
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27/06/2020 @ 9:09
YAY! My dive computer is back on charge.

It will be going underwater tomorrow with me attached to it. It has been too long.

Enjoy your weekends... #SCUBA #UW
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25/06/2020 @ 15:18
And on my screen tonight is.

A test swatch to see how yellows greens & blues transfer from computer to a new (to me) print medium ie metal

Waterproof, suitable for bathrooms & outdoors.

Will the 300mm by 300mm sheet look anything like this in reality...

Enjoy your evenings...
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23/06/2020 @ 18:18
YAY! Lockdown is easing here and my extended outdoor kitchen project is finished. This conveniently coincides with the return of warm and sunny weather. #BBQ.

So my second love of “Fire and Food” is smugly satisfied. Time to pick up my cameras in anger...
Enjoy your evenings...
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22/06/2020 @ 18:39
She has babies...

The female #Kestrel has chicks in the nest box. She is literally “run off her feet” trying to find food to feed them all.

Fingers crossed she is successful this year. It all went a bit pear shaped last year...

Enjoy your evenings.
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21/06/2020 @ 18:29
As well as #FathersDay it is also #WorldGiraffeDay

Here are a coupe to celebrate #Giraffes. One was taken at sunrise and the other at sunset.
I can’t tell you how much I am missing being in Africa. As soon as it is safe to travel again I will be back...

Enjoy your evenings...
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21/06/2020 @ 3:18
@PandoraPerx It is very noisy. No manners! It is hedgehog food that I buy online.
20/06/2020 @ 18:46
@RobertEFuller @WildlifeOrphan1 @owlmakesmehappy @Owltrust Incredible footage Robert. Thanks for generating and sharing this video. Very much appreciated.
20/06/2020 @ 17:42
Well tonight the #Hedgehog decided to come closer to the house and inspect the quality of todays bricklaying!!!

I quickly found it some food and with a bit of low profile commando style crawling and my iPhone in hand, it enjoyed the free meal.

Enjoy your evenings...
19/06/2020 @ 18:33
Tonight’s garden visitor.

He/she arrived earlier than normal so there was just enough light to tempt me to reach for the camera.

Sadly there are less than a million #hedgehog now in the UK. Please look after them and remember, do not give them milk. Leave fresh water instead.
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18/06/2020 @ 17:38
A #Cheetah in long grasses anyone?

I am really missing #Africa but I am sure that the wildlife will be doing exceptionally well this year, with so little “human” activity in their natural environment.

Stay safe everyone...
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14/06/2020 @ 17:44
Well as lockdown continues here in the UK I decided to continue pursuing my second love. Fire and food...

Today the “extension” to my previously shared ‘Pizza Oven project’ was signed off as safe and functional...

If lockdown continues I will add a roof and call it a kitchen!
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07/06/2020 @ 18:23
@p4pictures @BBCSpringwatch @BBCCountryfile @BBCEarth You are close Brian. The actual wording on my ASBO refers to spraying walls of barns or anything else that I don’t own black ( or any other colour) <winks>. Hope all is good with you and your family.