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I miss you Little Owl 🤷‍♂️

I would run a hundred miles for one of your smiles 💙

Enjoy your evenings…

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Blurry shiz anyone 🤷‍♂️

Sorry it has been a while… 🙈

Next time I will get more of the image sharp… I find a stationary vehicle helps 🤪

Enjoy your evenings everyone…

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My happy place 💙

Please Click the image to view it properly.

Enjoy your weekends everyone.

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My Lady of the land is always pleased to see me.

Sometimes it is days, sometimes weeks before we spend time together. However, when we see each other it’s like we have never been apart 💙

Enjoy your evenings… #Kestrel #Wildlife @CanonUKandIE @BBCEarth @BBCSpringwatch
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Could there be a better time to visit Africa I ask myself…

I hear you…. 🙈

Bear with me…



Oh and enjoy your evenings…

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AustinTphoto photo”

Just a Kestrel to clutter your timeline.


and of course, Enjoy your evening. 😜

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Don’t you just love these dark nights 🤷‍♂️

Here is Ariel (aka Stella 💙 ) to take your mind off things…

Enjoy your evening…

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Processed this #LittleOwl last night, having spent the evening observing her in and around her barn.

It is always hard to say goodbye to her…

Enjoy your evenings…


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Sometimes you don’t need to say anything. It is all in the eyes. 👀

No.words.required 🤷‍♂️

Enjoy your evenings…

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I spent last weekend at Donna Nook photographing seals.

Here is a Common Seal pup chilling out in the sunshine. There were say 500 seals on the beach ( well 501 if you include me 😜)

Slippery.when.wet I would imagine…

Enjoy your evenings…
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That bond betweeen mother and baby.


Better.Together.Obviously 🙄

Enjoy your evenings…
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@Muddy_Puddle Just amazing and highly inspirational. Well done @Muddy_Puddle. You have every right to feel proud. Well done 👏
Here is another image of Ariel, aka Stella 💙.

A rather inquisitive and playful seal, living in the inner Hebrides off the island of Coll.

I hope you like it and enjoy your evening…

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