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13/05/2021 @ 3:13
@p4pictures @missatomicmell @lightroomblog @TheBigCatPeople @JoeMcNallyPhoto Too kind Brian and have fun in your journey Mellisa. Shout up if you need any guidance. Cheers
11/05/2021 @ 18:38
Does anyone else think Windscreen Wipers?

With todays mix of heavy showers followed by bright sunshine and then spending time with this Little Owl, I do !

Enjoy your evenings… @CanonUKandIE #Owl
AustinTphoto photo
11/05/2021 @ 18:07
@ALANMYERSMEDIA 4 new Robins arrived in my garden this week. The only red colour I accept in the house and garden… AustinTphoto photo
09/05/2021 @ 17:22
What’s that coming over the hill, it’s a #Kestrel, it’s a Kestrel.

I give you the Lord of the Manor, photographed over the weekend.

I hope you had a good one and as always, enjoy your evenings... #R5 @CanonUKandIE @BBCEarth @BBCSpringwatch #Wildlife
AustinTphoto photo
07/05/2021 @ 17:51
@bluekippercom Yep. Upper Gwladys. Crazy emotions. Who needs Cantona when we’ve got Barry Horne. Strange betting patterns on that game allegedly... AIYKYH
04/05/2021 @ 17:37
Happy Days.

The Little #Owls are back!

The light direction and the low angle of the light at this particular site gives me the ingredients I need for some fun times ahead in the coming weeks.

Enjoy your evenings....

@CanonUKandIE @Natures_Voice @_BTO
AustinTphoto photo
02/05/2021 @ 18:21
There are five baby #Robins in this nest and it wont be long before they fledge.

Enjoy your evenings...
AustinTphoto photo
29/04/2021 @ 17:35
Lots of activity at the #Kestrel site.

The Lady of the Land is incubating her eggs. This Lord of the Manor doesn’t seem to be putting much effort into looking after his ‘significant other’.

Let’s see how this plays out!

As always, Enjoy your evenings... @CanonUKandIE #R5
AustinTphoto photo
25/04/2021 @ 3:41
@WeNaturalists @CanonUKandIE Lancashire UK. The female is now spending most of the time in a nest box, so fingers crossed for more Kestrels in the coming months...
12/04/2021 @ 18:54
That moment when you are composed for the female, waiting silently for her beak to open and when you press the shutter the male bombs in to crash the party!

Welcome to #Wildlife #Photography

#kestrel @CanonUKandIE #R5
AustinTphoto photo
11/04/2021 @ 3:56
@katemacrae @CanonUKandIE Thanks Kate. Hope life is treating you well. See you soon. X
10/04/2021 @ 16:17
I have to say the light is off the scale at the moment on my patch.

I give you the Lady of the Land flying over daffodils, superbly focussed on by the wizardry that is the @CanonUKandIE #R5

Enjoy your evenings... #Kestrel #Daffodil
AustinTphoto photo